Partnering with Mirillion

We know all of our clients better than just a handshake. Our philosophy is to go beyond bureaucratic formulas – we do not believe one size fits all. You tell us what you need, and we’ll create a tailored solution for you.

Sourcing the right person for the job means gaining an understanding of them that goes beyond their résumé and credentials. We thoroughly screen all potential candidates based on your requirements, assessing differentiators including cultural fit and motivation. Our customized approach incorporates everything from individualized testing and personality appraisal to group assessment evaluations and build-to-order technical examinations.

A proudly Canadian company with global reach, Mirillion has a wide network of high-caliber professionals in a range of fields.

our services

>Permanent & Temporary Recruitment
>Human Capital Consulting
>Executive Search

our specializations

>Banking & Financial Services
>Human Resources
>Engineering & Manufacturing, >Procurement & Supply Chain
> Oil & Gas